Nefarious Spirit – Nefarious Spirit demo (Underground Soundscapes, 2016)

Can a band's country (or a wider geographic area) of origin be surmised by its sound? During the early days of the second wave black metal I do think that this was a case – though not a simple one, and definitely not without exceptions. There was a characteristic Greek black metal sound (which if … Συνεχίστε να διαβάζετε Nefarious Spirit – Nefarious Spirit demo (Underground Soundscapes, 2016).

Ψ.Χ. – Το Φως Το Αληθινό

Download link: Καλημέρα Απειλή, καλώς (επαν)ήλθες στο black metal με νυχτερινή φτερούγα για να σβήσεις τα κεριά, για να σαβανώσεις τα μωρά, για να βουτήξεις μέσα στην Παράδοση κάνοντας τα τζάκια να βήχουν σαν φυματικά. Σε ένα φθινόπωρο που έχει βαλθεί να ρεφάρει για την ποιοτική ανυδρία του προηγούμενου διαστήματος της χρονιάς, το μεγαλύτερο … Συνεχίστε να διαβάζετε Ψ.Χ. – Το Φως Το Αληθινό.

Funestus – In Perpetual Silence (Self-Released)

Gazing upon the lovely, primitively impressionist-like cover of Chile's Funestus first demo, Descent with capital D comes into mind. A wintry barren wood, the crescent moon just above the center, like an eye distorted looking down, where an overflow of light seems to imply an abyss ready to receive the invisible wanderer treading upon the … Συνεχίστε να διαβάζετε Funestus – In Perpetual Silence (Self-Released).

Haxen – Haxen (Eternal Death records)

Haxen have apparently been around since 2000, releasing a steady (if a bit sparse) stream of demo releases, yet it took some 16 years in order for their eponymous debut full-length to be finalised. Though hailing from the west coast of the Atlantic, the band seems to be wholeheartedly devoted to European scenes of yore, … Συνεχίστε να διαβάζετε Haxen – Haxen (Eternal Death records).

Sun Worship – Pale Dawn (Golden Antenna Records)

The lone and wandering riff is perhaps the quintessential black metal music-component figure. Dismal yet passionate, adventurous, trying to break the shackles of time and history, a candlelight gliding through perennial corridors. It is ideally without beginning and end, just fading in and out of our perception, yet eternally there. And if the riff is … Συνεχίστε να διαβάζετε Sun Worship – Pale Dawn (Golden Antenna Records).

Isolert – No Hope, No Light…Only Death (Ogmios Underground)

Besides the genre's name, there are albums of the black metal variety, that are not prone to being transmitters of utter-darkness soundscapes. Even some of the 90s masters' albums are testimonies of this; for in albums such as “Battles In The North” or “Frost” darkness is a distant second entity being evoked, majestic frigidness being … Συνεχίστε να διαβάζετε Isolert – No Hope, No Light…Only Death (Ogmios Underground).

Præternatura – Symmetry Of The Void

There is, inside the black metal edifice, a certain niche, down there, at the basement or dungeon level, which borders on the space of two particular sub-genres: namely the catacombs of depressive black metal and the etheric thunderbolts of the kind of black/death that was showcased by Bölzer. It is this marginal space that hosts … Συνεχίστε να διαβάζετε Præternatura – Symmetry Of The Void.

Ustalost – The Spoor Of Vipers (Sibir Records)

Stumbling upon this album by chance, I was entranced by the medieval-esque cover art, as well as the band logo which strongly reminded me of something that I could not pinpoint. Upon first play of the intro guitar riff my interest was more than piqued. Still, as the songs kept succeeding each other I was … Συνεχίστε να διαβάζετε Ustalost – The Spoor Of Vipers (Sibir Records).