Black Sword Thunder Attack – March of the Damned (No Remorse, 2020)

Anticipation is not a static thing; it changes forms, adapting to cultural and historical conditions. Contemporary anticipation largely consists of digital traces and mechanisms: checking inboxes, blogs, and download sites, participating in social media conversations and hypotheses, occasionally with the artists themselves. Back in the ‘90s and early ‘00s the quest for information and conjecture … Συνεχίστε να διαβάζετε Black Sword Thunder Attack – March of the Damned (No Remorse, 2020).

2019 Top 25 Albums

2019 was the year of epic metal. Not only did Atlantean Kodex release their first album since 2013 (and what an amazing release it was), but even more importantly, we saw a multitude of female fronted releases with amazing quality. It is only fitting that 4 out of 5 top places are occupied by sword-wielding … Συνεχίστε να διαβάζετε 2019 Top 25 Albums.

2017 – Top 25 albums

Places 11-25 are ordered alphabetically. Skip below for the top 10. Top EPs & Demos here. Places 11-25 (Alphabetically ordered) Arckanum – Den Förstfödde Shamaatae’s swansong is a strange beast with quite unconventional song structures – several seem like weird elongated intros or snapshots from a paranoid film. Yet, that’s the magic of this album … Συνεχίστε να διαβάζετε 2017 – Top 25 albums.

2015 – Demo, EP, and Split releases Top-10

Manii - Skuggeheimen This one is “outside” the list, since it does not contain any new material, but rather just a re-recording of two tracks from the second and third Manes demos (for those not familiar with Manii, they are -since 2011- the old-school aspect of Manes), which are however still throbbing with perfection. Less eerie, the … Συνεχίστε να διαβάζετε 2015 – Demo, EP, and Split releases Top-10.

Macabre Omen – Gods of War, at War review

How does one listen to epic metal? (I limit the question's scope only on epic metal, since the album in question is a prime example of this sound) With this question, I mean, on what level of immersion inside an album's concept (including music, lyrics, aesthetics), has one to descend, in order to fully enjoy … Συνεχίστε να διαβάζετε Macabre Omen – Gods of War, at War review.

2015: A first retrospect

Top notch Albums: Awe / Vacantfield / End – Moerae A mighty collaboration, a split release of extraordinary thematic cohesion. Review here. Crypt Sermon – Out of the Garden (Epic) doom metal, of great heaviness and terrific guitar work. Memorable tracks, most of them of stellar status. Death Karma - The History Of Death & … Συνεχίστε να διαβάζετε 2015: A first retrospect.

Isen Torr – Mighty & Superior

Να παίρνεις φόρα και να πετάς καυτό μάγμα στη μέχρι στιγμής γραμμικότητα της ιστορίας που δε σε αφήνει να γυρίσεις πίσω στο 2004 και να αναγκάσεις, υπό την απειλή τραμπουσέτας, τους υπεύθυνους για αυτό το διαμαντένιο ep, να κυκλοφορήσουν τουλάχιστον ένα full-length. Τέλος πάντων. Οι Isen Torr ήταν ένα σχήμα του Walker των Solstice, ο … Συνεχίστε να διαβάζετε Isen Torr – Mighty & Superior.