Reviews and articles concerning music (mainly black metal, but not only so), movies (horror and fantasy mostly), books (likewise), TV-series (sci-fi, mystery, and horror), computer games (RPG’s and adventure games), and mythology/folklore/cultural theory.

Apart from this blog you can find my writings on the following sites:

http://skra-punk.com/author/athotep/ (In Greek)

http://metalinvader.net/author/athotep-nyarl/ (Music and Movie reviews in both English & Greek versions)

http://www.avopolis.gr/ (Music reviews in Greek, author: Χρυσόστομος Τσαπραΐλης)

plus this page of rural folk horror short stories: https://www.facebook.com/paganritualsinThessaly/ (In Greek)

For info and/or promo material contact lakserk@yahoo.com or my Facebook profile


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