At the Altar of the Horned God – Through Doors Of Moonlight (I, Voidhanger, 2020)

Despite metal’s obsession with occult aesthetics, its devotional aspect (a function of music that has extremely deep roots, while also being an integral part of religion and the occult) rarely goes beyond superficiality. This has obviously to do with the shock value use of occult in metal, as well as the genre’s highly individualistic and … Συνεχίστε να διαβάζετε At the Altar of the Horned God – Through Doors Of Moonlight (I, Voidhanger, 2020).

Θορυβώδη απομεινάρια

Μεταξύ των δυο χιλιάδων ανθρώπων που πρόλαβαν να θαφτούν στο πρώτο νεκροταφείο του Σίδνεϋ περιλαμβάνονται και τα θύματα μιας παράξενης ασθένειας που άγγιξε την πόλη τον Απρίλιο του 1820. Η αρρώστια αυτή χτύπησε διακόσιους αποίκους στον ύπνο, ρίχνοντάς τους σε έναν υδαρό λήθαργο: τα κοιμισμένα σώματά τους έλιωσαν σε διάστημα μιας εβδομάδας, αφήνοντας μονάχα κουβέρτες, … Συνεχίστε να διαβάζετε Θορυβώδη απομεινάρια.

Malokarpatan – Krupinské Ohne (Invictus, 2020)

In contrast to common black metal sentiment, grimness and over-seriousness do not necessarily equal to authenticity and true passion in the occult, unless you want to banish said occult in an isolated niche of your life and render it a mostly introvert spiritual activity. Moreover, everyday folk life incorporates both whimsical and solemn aspects. So, … Συνεχίστε να διαβάζετε Malokarpatan – Krupinské Ohne (Invictus, 2020).

Black Sword Thunder Attack – March of the Damned (No Remorse, 2020)

Anticipation is not a static thing; it changes forms, adapting to cultural and historical conditions. Contemporary anticipation largely consists of digital traces and mechanisms: checking inboxes, blogs, and download sites, participating in social media conversations and hypotheses, occasionally with the artists themselves. Back in the ‘90s and early ‘00s the quest for information and conjecture … Συνεχίστε να διαβάζετε Black Sword Thunder Attack – March of the Damned (No Remorse, 2020).

The old knowledge & other strange tales (Tartarus Press, 2011)

Rosalie Parker's first book follows in the English tradition of subtle weird fiction, Robert Aickman and Arthur Machen being obvious influences. Graced with modern and elegant language, this small collection of short stories evokes an intimate, tranquil and homey atmosphere, its rustic coziness embedded in both fluid unburdened writing and liminal contemporary setting. Concerning the … Συνεχίστε να διαβάζετε The old knowledge & other strange tales (Tartarus Press, 2011).

Zalmoxis – A Nocturnal Emanation (Signal Rex, 2020)

There is something deeply satisfying when the visual, textual and audio components of a work of art blend seamlessly – the sign of a well-sculpted vision. That is the case with the third release of Germany’s Zalmoxis, A Nocturnal Emanation, where title, music and cover art create the mirage of a disturbing oscillation through darkness … Συνεχίστε να διαβάζετε Zalmoxis – A Nocturnal Emanation (Signal Rex, 2020).

2019 Top 25 Albums

2019 was the year of epic metal. Not only did Atlantean Kodex release their first album since 2013 (and what an amazing release it was), but even more importantly, we saw a multitude of female fronted releases with amazing quality. It is only fitting that 4 out of 5 top places are occupied by sword-wielding … Συνεχίστε να διαβάζετε 2019 Top 25 Albums.

Μπενβενούτο Τσελίνι: Όταν το Κολοσσαίο ξεχείλισε με φαντάσματα

English version here. Το έτος είναι 1535 και πρωταγωνιστής ο Ιταλός Μπενβενούτο Τσελίνι, homo universalis (χρυσοχόος, γλύπτης, πολεμιστής, μουσικός, κτλ), με πιθανώς γνωστότερο έργο του το άγαλμα του Περσέα που κραδαίνει το κεφάλι της Μέδουσας. Τη χρονιά εκείνη, λοιπόν, ο Τσελίνι βρισκόταν στη Ρώμη, όπου και ήρθε σε επαφή με ένα Σικελό ιερέα. Στις κουβέντες … Συνεχίστε να διαβάζετε Μπενβενούτο Τσελίνι: Όταν το Κολοσσαίο ξεχείλισε με φαντάσματα.

1535: Necromancy in the Coliseum

Greek version here. It is the year 1535. Our protagonist is the Italian Benvenuto Cellini, homo universalis (goldsmith, sculptor, fighter, musician, etc), whose most renowned creation is probably the statue of Perseus holding Medusa’s head. It was during this year that Cellini who was residing in Rome, came into contact with a Sicilian priest. During … Συνεχίστε να διαβάζετε 1535: Necromancy in the Coliseum.

The Loney – Andrew Michael Hurley

The Loney is a rural folk horror novel set in the north of England, dealing with a folk Christianity which blends seamlessly into the pagan ways of yore. It is also a study in the social aspects of religiosity, family and the idealization of the past; characters and setting will reverberate with people who have … Συνεχίστε να διαβάζετε The Loney – Andrew Michael Hurley.